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About Us


To be a world most well-known company in the Software and Web industry to rise above in Quality, Accuracy, Punctuality, Valuation & Client Satisfaction.


To deliver sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following:

Customer :

We earn customer respect by providing highest quality and values.

Market :

We lead in the market by developing and delivering innovative products, services and solutions.

Profit :

We create value for our customers to achieve their goal & fulfill the objectives.

Employee :

We care and promote based on performance and by creating good work environment.

Strength :

Our strength is result oriented services, accuracy & client satisfaction.


To deliver superior value to our customers, employees as well as the society.

POS & ERP System

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IT Solution Provider

Sun Microcreators Private Limited.. is recognized for customized, quality and cost effective software solutions. We Offer professional services of customized software development, web design and web application, mobile application, social-media marketing and software outsourcing. Sun Microcreators is driven by courteous crowd offering best matched, value added business solutions to clients in Sri Lanka, UK, Australia, and worldwide..

Why Choose Us

  • ☕ We love what we do.
  • ☕ We take full advantage of latest technology.
  • ☕ We like to play with complex codes.
  • ☕ You can contact us anytime from anywhere.
  • ☕ Our aim is to do beyond your expectation.

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